A platform designed for you

Not everyone can afford the time it takes to travel the world spreading God’s word, but why should that limit us from contributing to those that can? There are students and Christian groups in your community every year that need your help doing just that. People who are devoting themselves to witness all over the world. Unfortunately, traditional fundraising can’t reach everyone and you rarely hear about a church’s missions if you don’t attend their fellowship.

Looking for a way to make an engaged, meaningful difference all over the world? We’re here to let you know there’s a way you can.

Gift for Good is a Christian-based, non-profit funding platform designed to showcase the latest Christian mission trips in dire need of funding all over the United States. Our mission is to facilitate the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations by connecting individuals like you to fellow Christians aiming to journey out into the world and disciple as Jesus did.

“There’s just something magical about Gift for Good … You immediately feel like you’re part of a larger club of believers.”

– Amanda P., who rallied 120 backers to support her mission

How it works

Individuals and groups independently submit a mission campaign to promote on Gift for Good. They post video/photos and details about what they’re planning to do, where they’re going and how people can help. The campaign submission is then reviewed and approved by the Gift for Good review committee. From there it is assigned a campaign manager and becomes visible to the public. The campaign participant can then share their campaign throughout their social networks to encourage donor interest and to drive their fundraising efforts to a central location.

Interested donors are able to interact with those campaigns on Gift for Good. Once they find a trip they want to help fund, they can make tax-deductible contributions to the campaign and then follow updates posted by the participant; making them a part of the journey more than ever before.

Each project will have a goal posted that is updated in real-time. All donations are passed through Gift for Good to the campaign manager – a campaign participant’s overseeing church or organization. Donations are always accepted, but those received beyond the posted goal will be used at the campaign manager’s discretion. All mission campaigns posted on Gift for Good must first pass a strictly enforced approval process and must be accompanied by an overseeing church or organization. These campaign managers are responsible for all campaign participants they oversee and for the donations collected for each mission campaign.

“The most personal way missions have ever been funded.”

– Stephen H., who raised over $7,000 for his short-term mission

How we’re funded

In order to maintain our platform and it’s security, ten percent of each donation is collected for Gift for Good’s operational expenses. We do not charge any other additional fees regardless of whether a mission campaign is successful within one week or one year. We are thrilled to be a part of Christian journeys to spread the gospel and want to build a community of donors to help support them.