How does an individual get his mission trip featured on your website?

Gift for Good has collaborated with certain non-profit organizations who meet our guidelines and have been approved by our affiliate membership committee. The application for partner organizations is available on the website. In order to be a partner, the organization must be a 501 (c) (3) non-profit and must be an evangelical Christian organization. Some of our partners include churches, but others are organizations that exist solely to sponsor domestic and foreign Christian mission trips. Once an organization has been approved as a Gift for Good partner, any individual participating in the mission trip sponsored by that organization is able to post the details of his or her trip on our website and begin raising funds through Gift for Good. If an individual is embarking on a Christian mission trip with an organization that has not been approved as a Gift for Good partner, our project committee will review each proposed trip on a case-by-case basis to make sure that the trip meets our guidelines for inclusion on the website.

What happens when an individual meets her fundraising goal?

Once an individual meets her fundraising goal, Gift for Good will send the funds for her trip to her sponsoring organization, whether that is her church or some other non-profit planning and organizing the mission trip. We do not send funds to the individual missionaries, but we forward the money to his or her sponsoring organization on his or her behalf.

What happens if someone does not reach his or her fundraising goal?

If someone falls short of his or her fundraising goal by the time the deadline is reached, Gift for Good will forward the funds raised to the individual missionary’s sponsoring church or other organization. It is our hope that the missionary or sponsoring organization will be able to raise the remaining funds through other means.

What happens if someone raises too much money through your website?

In the event that an individual missionary exceeds his or her fundraising goal, we will forward the money raised to his or her sponsoring organization, even if it exceeds the original fundraising goal. It is our belief that the Christian church or mission organization will be able to use the excess funds to send other missionaries or will use the money for other faith-based projects at its discretion.

How is an organization approved as a Gift for Good partner?

Through our website, an organization can download our partner application. Gift for Good has a committee which reviews the partnership applications to make sure that the organization applying for partnership with Gift for Good meets our guidelines in terms of non-profit status and evangelical Christian orientation.

Are contributions made through the website tax deductible?

Yes, contributions through the website are tax deductible. Gift for Good is a registered non-profit organization. It is currently in the process of obtaining federal 501 (c) (3) status, but once this status is officially attained, all contributions received prior to the official notification will also be given tax-deductible treatment.

Does an individual have to pay a fee to have her mission project featured on your website?

No, we do not charge fees to individuals who have their projects listed on our website. Similar to most other crowd funding websites, we do retain 10% of the money donated through Gift for Good in order to cover our overhead expenses. Our overhead expenses include the charges assessed by PayPal for processing the payments, postage, cost of developing and maintaining the website, and cost of paid staff. All donations received through the Gift for Good website, however, including the portion retained for overhead, are 100% tax deductible.