Best Ramathan Gift Ideas 2019 For Everyone

You probably know what Ramathan is, but if you don’t, then let me Inform you. Ramathan is the holiest month of the year in Islamic culture. Muslim usually observe the month of Ramathan, to mark that Prophet Muhammad received the first chapters of the Quran from Allah in 610.

Yes! Ramathan has started. It began on 5th May and it will continue till the crescent moon appears. Fasting started immediately the next day.

Despite the long and tiring hours of fasting during Ramathan, people tend to celebrate it with their friend and families.  This celebration is famous for family gatherings at the Iftar time where people gather at one member’s house and break there fast together, and sometimes exchange gifts.

Ramathan gifts are not the same to other gifts in the year. So, if you are searching for a gift for your friend or family member then you should stick around.

Fruit Box

Fruits! Really! Yea fruits, they might not be much but these are the best options when it comes to Ramadhan Gifts. Because of the big family gatherings that usually take place at every house. Furthermore, it is a good gesture to bring some kind of food with you. It will come really handy to the one who holds the gathering. And definitely, there is nobody who can say no to fruits after the Iftar.

Scarves and Abayas

This month is characterized by frequent prayers. As a result, women have to cover themselves a lot.  Let it not come as a surprise to you, when they say they have run out of scarves and abayas because it’s quite common.  Gifting these ladies with these items can really ease their Ramadhan routine a little. Also, ladies love to receive gifts, so this might just be the best gift idea for the ladies you know.


Dates are common and very famous during Ramathan. They are usually the first thing people eat after the long fast. A box of dates is the best Ramadhan gifts you can present to anyone.

Man Eau Fraiche by Versace

Perfumes are among some of the perfect traditional Ramadhan gifts. Get your loved one or friends one high quality like “Man Eau Fraiche by Versace”. Why this? It lasts longer and smells more intense. Although, most people tend to avoid perfumes during Ramadhan, due to the alcohol in them. If so, then Ittars are the best replacement, because they are alcohol-free and have a soothing smell.


Of all the gifts you can give someone this holy month, the Holy Quran is the best. Because it has a set of rules made by Allah for humanity peace. Light someone’s day with this holy item.

A Bag of Basmati Rice

Please don’t laugh!  Food and energy Are very important for those fasting during the Ramadhan. A bag of Basmati rice is a great option to consider. Basmati rice is grown, harvested and cared with the highest level of integrity and expertise form local’s growers in the renowned region, known for producing this fine crop. As a result, product quality is consistent.

Prayer Rug and Tasbeeh

Dhikar is the soul of Ramadhan, therefore Tasbeeh as a present will be highly appreciated by anyone. This will inspire people more to indulge in the Holy remembrance of Allah. To spice thing, add a prayer rug.

Sandal and Shoes

Get your loved ones and friends comfortable shoes or sandals that are gender insensitive. People love going to Mosques on foot rather than cars during the holy month of Ramadhan. Comfortable shoes and sandals will make their walking easier. Additionally, after Ramadhan, they can still use them for their everyday walking routine.

Lamps and Fragrance Candles

Many might think candles are a thing of the past. It might be true! But there is a traditional candle that is lit in every house during the blessed Ramadhan nights. They are wonderfully and beautifully made, and also they are not that expensive.  They are quite ideal for families. So, if you are low on budget stop buy a shop and buy these customized Lamps and candles for your loved ones.








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