Does a good gift has to be on-trend?

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An important date is coming, and you do not know what to give, you do not know whether to choose between a trending gift or a truly useful but not very luxurious gift? Today we are going to solve this dilemma. And it’s simple, as long as you know how to differentiate well between both types of gift.

A trending gift is a gift that everyone likes, is a gift that everyone currently wear or has, and it would not be bad to get it for your special person, since it follows common fashion. These gifts are usually branded tennis shoes that are fashionable, sets of brand for the season that are fashionable, clothing accessories, daily use accessories, and other items that are well-noted today.

On the other hand, a truly useful gift is a gift that meets several requirements and, unlike a trending gift, it is not always well seen by the society at first instance. A truly useful gift helps to facilitate the daily life of a person or simply helps to fulfill a goal or dream that brings from the past. They also differ from trending gifts because they increase the options available to choose and do not impose any limit. You can choose anything from kitchen to construction tools.

One usually tends to choose of a gift that follows the fashion, since it is a safe choice, it is the easiest option, you do not have to think much and it will not take long. But the right thing should be a truly useful gift, and why not? Maybe it can be truly useful and also trending!

Why a useful gift before a fashionable one?

  • Because the useful gift is much more personal than a trending gift, when you deliver it, the person will recognize that you dedicated a time of your life to thinking about him/her and you will generate a feeling of attachment to the gift
  • With the passage of time, it is very likely that the personal value of the gift will increase, while a fashion-only gift will simply go out of fashion
  • The useful gift is more attached to the personality of who you deliver it to, while a fashionable gift makes you feel one more of the bunch
  • A useful gift can be fashionable, maybe you can even buy a quality sweater or jacket usable in different seasons and different fashions; or the video game console that has just come out which is the person’s dream.
  • A trending gift and a useful gift can cost the same but have different value, it will worth more to get a useful gift rather than a trending gift.

For these and many more reasons it is better to buy a gift that is, first and foremost, truly useful.

However, in order to know what gift to deliver, you need to know enough about the person. At a minimum, you want to know any of the following things: their interests, tastes, what activities they usually do, what they do for living, lifestyle and aspirations.

What kind of gifts can be useful?

  • Kitchen tools for those who like to cook. Also, if the person wants to learn about a kitchen area, let´s say, bakery, you could buy a mixer or a rolling pin
  • Construction and work tools for those who like to take care of their own house, their vehicles and home equipment. They can be the latest innovations of screwdrivers, flashlights, spanners and so on
  • Sportswear for those who are fans of sports or exercise constantly. Quality shoes, rackets, soccer balls
  • Innovative desk items for those who spend all day in an office, you could liven up their days with a new object on their desk.

And so, there are many more gifts that you can acquire or do yourself, you just have to spend some time thinking with originality and creativity.

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