How to gift when in distance

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Sometimes, we have a very special friend, family member or even a partner living in a different city, or maybe living in different continents. Here is where the gifts and details are one of the best ways to maintain communication and the relationship alive, either it is a family member, couple or friend

It is true that we live in a world where social media and internet are taking place, however, we cannot keep hooked to video and chatting. In order to preserve a relationship, we need to remember the old times, hoping to reunite in the future and live new and better experiences. The best way to keep the memories and hopes alive will always be a gift

Some of the best ideas to gift when in distance can be:

  1. An outfit that is useful to the person. A good thing about outfits is that people wear it many times, and it’s a good way to help them remind that you still care about them! Sometimes, a great coat when in winter or fresh clothes in summer can be really comforting for this person and, of course, really meaningful.
  2. A photo album. Albums or portraits will always be an important part of our lives, despite the digital era, being the protagonist of these years, a photo with a message written on the back, or an album with many important photos will always be more comforting than digital images, and it has more presence than these. However, this does not mean that you should forget to make videos or digital albums and send them, in fact, you should consider it, it can be cheaper and can also be great!
  3. A memory object of both that you have saved from long ago. In friendships, it is always good to remember the good times, send an object of the past that is important to both as an “I still remember you”. It will surely make that important person’s day.
  4. Write down a letter on a paper. The letters can sometimes be undervalued, but they are still one of the best gifts that exist! Whether for a family, a friend or a partner, a well-written letter accompanied by a good gift or detail can be essential to relive the relationship. The person receiving the letter will have the feeling that you wrote it with your own hands and spent hours working on the same paper he/she is reading. In fact, if the letter is for your partner, you could spray a bit of your perfume and the smell will mark your presence.
  5. There are people who make a set of gifts in which they represent 5 senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. To do this, you can send a bit of this person’s favorite snack (own of the city you are living in), with a perfumed letter and separately dedicate a song, or compose it yourself!

There are many more gift recommendations that can be made. In fact, people usually send gift boxes in which they include several of those mentioned above. The main idea is that the gifts work as a way to instantly remember the best moments of the relationship, be it family, friendship or a couple.

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