How to Make a Gift Well Received?

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Many times we strive to make an excellent gift to show off ourselves to a special person. We spent a lot of time thinking about what to gift, we asked everywhere, we read blogs and believe we have created a great gift. But when it is delivered, the reality does not meet the expectations, the gift is not well received or maybe it was but it went then straight to a drawer and it will never come back. Why?

A good gift seems very complex to achieve, but the reality is that it is very simple and we aren’t focusing on the things that really make a gift good. This is why sometimes we believe that we are delivering a great gift, but it turns out to be a common gift, a gift to be expected.

To deliver a good gift, you have to meet several requirements, that you like it won´t mean that the other will too.

A good gift has a good presentation. And when we say good presentation it does not necessarily mean high-quality packaging or massive surprises and so on, but it has to be nice to look at, or at least fun! For example, a dress ensemble does not look good in a wrinkled plastic bag that comes from the store, as well as a pair of shoes delivered in a crushed box. This causes a feeling of displeasure, as it seems a gift to get rid of the “special” person.

However, one can play with the presentation, you could make an unpleasant presentation but deliver a totally unexpected gift. For example, a giant shipping box, full of anime, broken bubble wrap, and a very small, luxurious gift, totally unexpected inside at the bottom.

A good gift makes sense. People often buy gifts that are totally meaningless. As for example, an outfit that does not look like the person’s style at all. These gifts aren’t well received since the person feels that the only thing that you want is for him/her to adapt to your style and that you are not able to understand their own.

A good gift is not necessarily the most expensive. People tend to confuse between a good gift and an expensive gift. A gift can be both good and expensive, however, while increasing its price, it does not necessarily increase the quality. You can even buy the SUV of the year, extremely luxurious, when in fact the person hates the SUV and prefers a sedan.

A good gift is useful. It is useless to buy a book that you know that the person will not read or will not like or provide a message. As well as buying an electronic music concert film from a person who only listens to classical music for example

The gifts are delivered with desire. Finally, if you manage to fulfill all these requirements and the gift is really good, it has no use giving the gift with a bad face, without being attentive to what you are doing. Or record the person while receiving the gift, post their reaction on social media and not be attentive to the person that is supposed to be special to you.

A good gift meets many requirements, but the secret is to make the person understand that you dedicated a time of your life to make a detail that him/her would really like.


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