Luxury Eid Gift Ideas For Him


Eid-Ul- Adha also known as ‘Eid’ is a celebration that marks the end of Ramadhan. The festival is celebrated, so as to remind Muslims of the sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim when he agreed to sacrifice his beloved son for the will of Allah and his happiness.

The sacrifice was Allah’s way of testing Hazrat Ibrahim faith. But, as he was about to sacrifice his son, Allah sent a goat and order him to sacrifice. In reality, Muslim celebrate Eid, because it’s a way of commemorating Harzrat Ibrahim.

Eid is a festival is characterized by celebration and exchange of gifts. People from across the world send their warm wishes to their loved ones. Gifts presented at Eid are the expression of gratitude, love, and respect. So, if you are searching for the best gift for the special men in your life, then we got you covered!

How? We have rounded up some of the top gift ideas for men below, and trust me these gifts will impress them.

Top 7 Eid Gifts For Him

1.      Swiss Made Men Luxury Watch

Get him this luxurious, top brand and high quality mechanical Swiss watch to complement his business and casual look.  It is made from super durable stainless steel band and scratch proof hardlex crystal screen.  This sport wrist watch features a luminous hand which will help him check the time easily in the dark.  Additionally, it is waterproof: suitable for daily use, hand wash, rainy day, etc. Although, it’s not that suitable for swimming.

2.      Aliwendy Mens Leather Sandals

This high-quality summer sandal might just be the thing he requires this Eid.  It is made from 100% genuine leather. As casual sandals, they are lightweight, soft, and breathable. Also, their handmade sewing ensures the durability won’t break easily The closed toe design ensure maximum protection that won’t pinch it outer toe.

3.      Alwee Muslim Headwear Kufi Hat

Kufi headwear Hats come in different colors and sizes. Choose the right one that will comfortably fit him and will help him express his personal style. In addition, the hat is good looking and quite sturdy.

4.      Chopard classic Black rose gold cufflinks

These classic black rose cufflinks adopt Chopard’s characteristic cursive emblance to contribute to instant elegance to the vintage-inspired design. It will perfectly match with his shirts and coats, to give him a desirable, wonderful business/ official look. The stainless steel is paired with glossy glass, black and warm rose gold to stunning effect.

5.      Mouwand prayer Beads set with precious stones

Mouward prayer beads bring together the power of prayer, the power of tradition, and the power of gemstones! Working with prayer beads will bring him to a place of inner power-and peace. You can agree with me when I say prayer beads have universal appeal, for they cross cultural boundaries and religion.

6.      Korloff Houdini pen with mother-of-pearl and steel

Help him make a lasting impression with this luxurious writing instrument. The pen is very durable and gives a very unique writing experience incomparable to any ball pen. This pen showcases the luminous panels of Korloff Houdini pearl amongst ink black enamel.

7.      Polo Red Extreme fragrance

The Polo Red Extreme Cologne is a vibrant and spicy oriented cologne designed with bold, fearless and powerful men in mind. Its daring fragrance features an exotic fusion of dark, earthly ebony wood blended with zesty fruity blood orange and warm, rich coffee. The unique union forms a fresh addictive and woody scent perfect for men who live life on the edge.

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