Ways Of Finding The Perfect Gifts For Everyone

Gift-giving is an art that has been there since the dawn of time. I guess the early men used to hand-carved bones as gifts.

The act of giving makes us happier than even spending money on yourself.  You give gifts to people to show that you care for them.

In most scenarios finding the perfect gift is usually difficult. Especially if you want to give a gift to someone you barely know.

That’s why we have come up with specific ways of finding the perfect gift for everyone. This guide will help you find the right gift for everyone.

Highlight experiences through gifts

What do you value? Gift or experience?

According to research, most people value experience over physical material.  When looking for a gift, find something that will create a fun experience for them. Such gifts include tickets and gift cards.

You can think about the things the person likes. If it’s a certain event, buy a ticket to that event and put it into a card in an envelope.  To spice things up you can buy 2 tickets so they can bring a friend.

Additionally, you can Identify what a person likes to do and then get them a gift card version of that. It might for a website, or a physical store, or a venue.

However, if it has to be a physical gift then you can attach a card stating what experience the person can derive from the gift.

Create a list of the things the person is interested in

Come up with a list of the things a person is interested in or loves. As you are writing the list you might find the right gift or the perfect combination of gifts that the person would love. If the person loves Game of Thrones, then a Jon Snow attire or sword will work just fine.

Present them with gifts that keep on giving

Surprise them with a subscription to Netflix, or that fashion magazine they like reading or even present them with a subscription to the website they love. These are the kind of gifts that will keep them thinking of you all year and appreciate your gift even after the event has long passed.

Personalize your Gift

Personalization of gifts can be easily done if you know the person. Before looking for a gift for a person, think of the kind of relationship you have with the person, how do you feel about them, what message do you want to tell them. This way you will be able to determine which gift will perfectly suit the person.

How do I find information about a person?


  • Look into the person’s social media accounts- it can be Facebook, twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. People tend to post what they like or what they might like to have.
  • Talk to people who know the person very well – they might know what the person likes, or what the person has always wanted.
  • You can also look for more information about the person by looking at the online website that the person frequently visits. Maybe you will be able to find the hint you the person might be in-need of.

Refrain from getting them common gifts

Your gift should be important and unique. Don’t go around gifting people gifts that they can get from anywhere or they normally receive. Using the information, you have collected about a person you can come up with a unique and amazing gift that will surely please the person.

Avoid Common Gift-Giving Pitfalls

If someone is straightforward and ask you for a certain gift, then don’t have second thoughts. Don’t get a different gift. Get exactly what the person has asked for because they are in need of that gift. Gifting them with something else wouldn’t solve their problem at all.

If the gift is large and expensive, you can ask your friends or family to contribute. There is nothing wrong with getting a person a gift that is expensive. You can talk to your friend early in advance and see if they might chip in.






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