List of The Best Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday! The main idea of every message or wishes we write for our loved ones on their special day starting with those words. We’ve written for you a list of birthdays wishes proposal to make your life easier. Just do not forget to make sure you add the name of the celebrant.

I want to wish you great happiness, success, and satisfaction in whatever you do in the future. I love you very much and wish you continued to shine love and joy to all your relatives.
I’m glad I got to know you and experience moments with you that I’ll never forget.
I wish you a happy birthday, and you will be able to realize all your dreams.

Although trite wish for happiness and fitness
But you can admit it, even honestly
That a combination of the two is by no means coincidental
Because the mind is healthy when the body is healthy
So keep your health, smile, and cut
But only after the cake – do not mess up the atmosphere 🙂

Happy Birthday!

Full package
Wrapped in kind words and a few notes:
Good and happy days
Up to a hundred (even a hundred and twenty)!

The fulfillment of all wishes
Small, small and large
Lots of pleasant experiences
Dreams (and other goals)

Because when dreams
just come true,
Then places are vacated
More and more dreams !!


Lots and lots of greetings
Small and large
For years that have already existed
And to those who come,
Have a lot
happily ever after,
Integrity and fitness,
Whatever you take on yourself to do
Export as best as you can!
Best wishes for success in all fields
And most importantly –
Keep doing lots of fun
For life!


Everyone deserves his special day, and today has come your day!
I want to wish you happiness, health, and success in every field!
I am more than happy to be a part of your life and to have shared experiences with you.
Enjoy, eat and take advantage of every moment, as only you are known to do!
Congratulations! Love a lot!

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